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Maryann Eagan


Maryann Eagan is the Clinic Manager at Westminster Eyecare Associates. She is a native of Massachusetts and has spent the last 25 years managing and providing direct patient support in a variety of clinical and vocational settings. Maryann comes to us from the medical supply industry where she oversaw the expansion into new markets, Medicare accreditation for a fast-growing healthcare company, along with ensuring the security and privacy of patients’ personal and medical information in compliance with all HIPAA regulations.

Prior to returning to Massachusetts, Maryann supported our Wounded Warriors as the Official Command Ombudsman at the Walter Reed National Medical Center. In her role as Ombudsman she advocated for patient’s rights and access to the care and support our troops have earned. While the patients may have changed, her passion and dedication to treating people fairly and compassionately has not. She is also the wife and mother of Wounded Warriors and a grandmother to six beautiful grandchildren.